Apartment hous Vila GRAND provides very comfortable and affordable accommodation in the High Tatra Mountains. There is a total of 8 apartments available. The apartments are spacious and well equipped.


Aya, Hherzelia, Izrael
14. júna 2012:  "Very good room. Very helpfully staff. Good value for your money"


Tomas, Praha, Czech Republic
21 January 2012: "Good location between Poprad Airport and Tatry mountains. Cozy place with an attentive and friendly service. Spacey apartments, cute relax zone. Excellent price for quality offered."


Ivan, Uzhgorod, Ukraine
19 March 2012: "Excelent place, perfect service, extreamly preasant staff. I've seen a lot but this is the best!"


Michael, London, United Kingdom
24 May 2012: "Phenomenally good service!"